Job Posting: Casita Maria Voice Instructor/Performer

| July 18, 2012

Job Description for Voice Instructor/Performer

MISSION of Casita Maria: The mission of the Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education is to empower youth and their families by creating a culture of learning through high quality social, cultural, and educational opportunities

Vocal Program: The voice study program at Casita Maria is offered to students who desire training in singing, music literacy, and overall musicianship. Students are taught vocal technique, expressive singing, how to read music and match pitch. The curriculum encourages students to be creative thinkers and explores various genres and styles of vocal repertory. The vocal program encourages students to learn how to sing individually and in an ensemble. Performances at Casita Maria and in a variety of other venues and festivals offer students an opportunity to show case what they have learned.

Teaching Responsibilities: We are looking for a teaching artist/musician who would like to teach music appreciation/intro to music/vocal/chorus to the students in our after school during the  2012-2013 school year.  We are seeking for someone who can teach 2-3 days a week, after school, from 4-6:30. Instructors will be expected to prepare students for student recitals. In addition to attending these recitals, instructors may be asked to help arrange and perform at the school’s recitals and other events.

Performance Responsibilities: The voice instructor is expected to regularly practice his/her vocal technique in order to maintain a consistently high level of performance ability. He/she will need to practice with other musicians on staff as needed in preparation for performances.

Minimum Qualifications:

We’re looking for applicants who have at minimum a BA/BM Degree in voice. We’re

particularly looking for applicants with strong teaching and performing abilities. Applicants

should have at least 2-3 years of experience teaching students at the beginner, intermediate, and

advanced levels.  Applicants should possess strong communication skills and effective personal skills for working with students who range from young children to adults.

Please Contact:

Dr. Giancarlo Poletti, Music Education Director or call 212-722-6580