Job Opportunity 11/27: SPARKIDZ Teaching Artist

| November 27, 2012

SPARKIDZ is looking for a wide variety of instructors to offer inventive and imaginative programming for atypical kids.  In the arts we are meeting with teaching professionals in the following areas: Music, Theater, and Dance. We are seeking instructors that will take a hands-on approach and work with us in developing a program that does not talk down to students but challenges and enriches them. We are looking for unique and creative performance classes to offer these students.  The program will operate on Saturdays from 10am-4pm (February 2013-May 2013). Each instructor will teach one course to three different age levels of students for a total of three classes a day. There will be compensation. This is a great opportunity to build a relationship with this brand new, ambitious program. Our website is
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Zach Guzik