Introduction: Charles Rhyner

| September 9, 2010

1. Your name

Charlie Rhyner

2. Your program

MA Music Education, certification
3. Your primary instrument(s)

guitar, drums
4. Your educational background (e.g., undergraduate institution & majors/minors, postgraduate institutions & degrees, etc.)

BA Emory University, Music, Italian Studies
5. Your teaching background, if applicable

Private lessons for ~5 years, taught at community music school in Atlanta, currently teach at Hollingworth Preschool
6. What kind of teaching are you interested in? What is your dream job?

College level professorship
7. Favorite flavor of cookie

Oatmeal?  Heath bar?
8. Favorite music makers (this one is purposefully broad…)

indie-rock genres
9. Can you be found on social media?

FB, MySpace (
10. Do you have a website?
11. Anything else you think we should know?

I give guitar lessons.  If you know anyone, send them my way!