Dr. Custodero in Flemish Centre for Music Education

| January 30, 2012

Dr. Lori Custodero will be the keynote speaker February 8-10 at the Flemish Centre for Music Education’s Music Education Research Seminar 3: Music Education for Young Children (0-6)

Prof. Custodero’s research has focused on children from infancy through preadolescence, and adults as musicians, teachers, and parents. She has presented and published on issues of musical challenge, engagement, and meaning in classrooms, playgrounds, and family settings; recent titles include “Singing Practices in Ten Families” and “Passing the Cultural Torch: Musical Experience and Musical Parenting of Infants” (Journal for Research in Music Education); “Observational Indicators of Flow Experience: A Developmental Perspective of Musical Engagement in Young Children from Infancy to School Age” (Music Education Research); and “‘Being With’: The Resonant Legacy of Childhood’s Creative Aesthetic” (Journal of Aesthetic Education).