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Music & Music Education

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Who can join this blog?
This blog is open to students, faculty, and everyone else affiliated with the Music & Music Education program at Teachers College.

How do I join the blog?
1) Sign up for Pressible at the main site with your Columbia email address.

2)Create your own password

How do I use Pressible/WordPress?
Check out this handy list of links here. We also wrote a how-to guide that will walk you through writing an introduction post.

Why would I want to use Pressible/WordPress?

1)You may want to publicize events or recitals and there are updated announcements related to your degree!

2)It’s a great way to connect with other Music students and see what’s new in the Music Education community.

3)You may need something in particular for a job portfolio or you may just want to look back at past events/postings.