Introduction Coming at You!

| June 23, 2010

1. Name: Michael Sobel
2. Program: Ed.M – Master of Music Education
3. Instruments: Guitars of all Kinds, Electric Bass Guitar, Instruments with strings, Electronic and Virtual Instruments, Finding and using Natural Sounds electronically – the list goes on…
4. Educational Background: Bachelor of Music in Jazz Guitar Performance from the Maynard Ferguson Institute of Jazz Studies of Rowan University / Master of Arts in Music Education from Teachers College, Columbia University / Master of Education in Music Education from TC expected February 2011
5. Teaching Background: I’ve been teaching private guitar lessons both at music studios and freelance for over 10 years. Involved in establishing Jazz programs at various public schools     here in NYC.
6. The Kind of Teaching I’m interested in/ Dream Job:  I believe that the goal of good teaching is to teach autonomy – to teach students how to learn – how to think for themselves – to stress the importance of play.  If we can impart these tools I believe that students’ inherent imagination and creativity will flourish.  I’d love to be able to teach higher ed someday or/ and to be involved in research focusing on creativity.
7. Favorite Cookie: I really like oatmeal raisin or ginger snaps but… really I prefer brownies with walnuts.
8. Favorite Music Makers: Bjork, Coltrane, Miles, Monk, Frisell, Broken Social Scene, Feist, Tom Waits, the Beatles, Wes Montgomery, Scofield, D’Angelo, The Roots, Tribe Called Quest, Brian Eno, Radiohead, Thom Yorke, NIN, Ornette, Jobim, Stan Getz, The Flaming Lips, Elmore James, Bill Evans, Pat Martino, Bartok, Shostakovich, Debussy, Villa- Lobos, Barrios, John Cage, and so many, many more.
9. Social Media:   /
10. Websites: blogs to come…
11. Anything else: ask and ye shall receive… no question is out of bounds.