LeadingNotes.org Call for Submissions – Summer issue 2011 ☆

| April 19, 2011

Leading Notes, founded in December 2010, is a new venture in music education committed to the publication of music education discussion. It attempts to supplement the already well-established music education online community by providing a platform for persons associated with the field to share their thoughts about teaching music in the 21st century. Founded by current TC Ed.M. candidate Justine Dolorfino & University of Illinois masters student Nick Jaworski, the hope is that through making this content available freely, discussions about important topics in music education can be better facilitated.

Leading Notes is currently looking for submissions for its upcoming Summer 2011 issue!

For our Summer 2011 issue, we are looking to investigate the multiple levels of connections that can be made through music education. This can be an investigation into how music programs can connect to their communities, how the music we teach connects to our culture, how your lesson plans connect to larger curricular goals, an investigation into the unique ways that music teachers connect with their students, or anything in between. In an era of budget cuts, it is important that we find ways to document the connections we make and to investigate how those connections come about. It is our hope that this issue of Leading Notes can give you some new ideas and also help you see your own teaching in a new light.

As will always be the case in Leading Notes, submissions can come in any format: from a strictly academic paper to a personal story, or from an illustrated narrative to a haiku. We have a strong desire to capitalize on the online nature of the journal by providing multimedia content, so do not hesitate to include audio and video* to better support your work. Authors are encouraged to experiment with the theme. Please include references where appropriate. Submissions are due by 5/31/11.

For more information, check out the submissions page!