How To: Project OPML – Educators of Music (PO-EM)

| July 13, 2010

If you’re looking to start reading up on the latest news, product and application reviews, and musings from the thriving music education online community, consider taking advantage of Project OPML – Educators of Music (PO-EM).

Located here, this project strives to maintain an easy-to-use file that, when added to a reader like Google Reader or NetNewsWire (among other many options for reading online news aggregations), will instantly add 61 music education sites to your reader and help you keep up, as well as add your voice to the stream of information by enabling you to also comment on these websites soon after they are updated.

How Do I Do This? (Tips for Google Reader):

  1. Go to the PO-EM website and download the current OPML file (make sure to save-as instead of opening).
  2. Go to Google Reader (requires a free Google account) and, in the upper right hand corner, click on “Settings,” then “Reader Settings.”
  3. Click on the “Import/Export” header.
  4. Hit the “Browse…” button for under “Import Your Subscriptions,” then navigate to where you saved the OPML file.
  5. Hit “Upload.”
  6. Profit! In the main Google Reader view, either select “All Items” or read each feed individually.
  7. Bonus/optional step: In the main Google Reader view, click on any feed on the left menu to pull up just that feed. Then click on “Feed Settings” above the main list of items from that feed. You can opt to add all your music education related feeds to a folder for convenient categorical browsing.