Web 2.0 Watch: Music Education Professional Learning Network Launch

| July 19, 2010

As previously mentioned on our website, the Music Education Professional Learning Network (MPLN) is a new and exciting resource for both pre- and in-service music educators. I like to think of it as the best of social networking as well as discussion boards; members can not only keep friends and fellow educators updated with their projects and work, but also ask questions and get ideas in a variety of focused and specialized groups such as Early Childhood, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Percussion, etc.

Are you having a problem with a tricky situation in your classroom? Want to know how to use your iTouch to facilitate your teaching? Don’t know how to help a private student achieve a cleaner tone on his instrument? Pick repertoire for a special ensemble? All of these questions, as well as anything else you can think of that is related to music education, can be addressed in the MPLN.

Get to know your peers in the online community with a free membership when the MPLN launches July 19, 2010, at 12:00PM EST!

Music Education Professional Learning Network Opens to Public

Grove City, PA – July18, 2010  — The Music Education Professional Learning Network (MPLN) opens to the public, at12:00 pm EDT, on July 19, 2010.

The MPLN is a new Website specifically developed for music educators, pre-service music teachers, and teaching musicians of any kind.   As its base framework, it incorporates the BuddyPress and WordPress Social Networking (SN) platforms, but also includes integrations with Twitter, FaceBook, and other existing SN platforms.  As a SN platform, this site seeks to promote elongated discussions about important topics facing music educators today.

Founded by Dr. Joseph M. Pisano the Associate Chair of Music and Fine Arts at Grove City College, the site’s official Launch Team includes ten of the top Music and Technology Integrators today including: Dr. James Frankel (President of the Association for Technology in Music Instruction and Managing Director of SoundTree), Ms. Amy M. Burns (President of the Technology Institute for Music Educators) and Ms. Marcia Neel (President of Music Education Consultants, Inc.).

The mission of the MPLN is to generate better, more accessible,  information about music, education, and technology and to use technologies to bring musicians of all types together to benefit by it, discuss it, and collaborate with it for the generation of even better and even more accessible information about music, education, and technology…”

The site requires independent registration, but is dedicated to providing its services for free to all music educators –everywhere.  Find the MPLN at http://musicpln.org.