Concert for Japan

| March 28, 2011
On March 11, the 9.0 M earthquake hit north east of Japan. The numbers of victims are still raising and numerous people are living in the school’s gym as a shelter. In TC and main campus, Japanese students are getting together to help and support victims of the earthquake.
As I am in the music program, I am planning to have a relief concert. We are planning to have a concert in April around campus. (Not sure the date and the place yet) We are looking for performers and helpers to set up the concert. Any kinds of music are welcomed: Rock, Jazz, and Classical…. At this point, I just want to make a list of participation for the production. Also, if you know a good place to do concert, please let me know too.
If you are interested in, please write below info and send it to
Name & Name of the group:
Genre of music:
Devices needed at concert hall (drum set, amp, microphone, etc…)
Are you interested in helping setting up stage? Yes/No
Thank you,
Yuka Harimoto