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Justine Dolorfino: Music, Technology and…Pharmaceuticals 

Reposted from Arts & Humanities. Written by Amy Wolf.

Justine Dolorfino, EdM Student in Music and Music Education Tell us about your academic career and how you found your way to TC. I did my undergrad at Kalamazoo College, in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  It’s a tiny Liberal Arts school, and I went there mainly for their emphasis on study abroad.  Around 86% of students go …

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Post a comment. Call for Submissions – Summer issue 2011  ☆

Leading Notes, founded in December 2010, is a new venture in music education committed to the publication of music education discussion. It attempts to supplement the already well-established music education online community by providing a platform for persons associated with the field to share their thoughts about teaching music in the 21st century. Founded by …

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Conferences, Professional Development, and Dr. Jim Frankel 

As previously mentioned on our blog, Brigid Moran and I recently returned from MENC's Music Education Week 2010 in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area. We were aided in our live-blogging efforts by Dr. Jim Frankel, Teachers College professor, and Andrew Ritenour and Andy Zweibel from

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Two TC students covering Music Ed Week, sponsored by SoundTree 

Two pre-service Teachers College music and music education students, Brigid Moran and Justine Dolorfino, will be live-blogging and recapping sessions from MENC's Music Education Week in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area from June 25-29. Thanks to the generosity of SoundTree and Teachers College's own Dr. James Frankel, we, along with Andy Zweibel and Andrew Ritenour …

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Gender Associations & Discrepancies: What’s A Teacher To Do? 

In May I went to see a concert in a renowned space in one of the biggest cities in the United States that was well-attended by both men and women and featured no female musicians. As a female jazz player, I was incredibly disheartened to see that there were no women whatsoever in the Lincoln …

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On Athleticism & Musicianship 

I have been wondering for some time about whether musicianship and athleticism (and, by extrapolation, identifying oneself as musical/a musician or athletic/an athlete) are actually all that separate from each other. There’s so much in pop culture (e.g., Glee, where jocks slushie the glee clubbers… and pop culture does take its cues from real life …

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1. Your name: Justine Dolorfino 2. Your program: Masters with K-12 Certification 3. Your primary instrument(s): String & Electric Bass (click to read more)

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Event Photos: Liz Weissman 

In May 2010, Liz Weissman gave her masters recital in Milbank Chapel. Her recital featured her brother, Gregory Weissman, on English Horn/Oboe, Andrew Van Bochove on Bassoon, Justine Dolorfino on Double Bass, and Michael Sobel on Guitar.

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Event Photos: Musical Serenades, December 2009 

In December 2009, students of the Teachers College Music & Music Education program's applied music faculty participated in the Musical Serenades recital to end the Fall semester. Students performed on a variety of instruments and in a variety of styles, ranging from classical, pop, jazz, and everywhere in between.

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