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Music Ed Students Dustin Kaufman and Christian Nourijanian Perform at Joe’s Pub 7/27  ☆

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Music Education Week 2010 Recaps: Jazz Academy, Part 1 

On Monday and Tuesday June 28-29, 2010 I attended selected sessions of the Jazz Academy. As a pre-service music educator and a veteran of grades 8-12 + higher education jazz programs, I was excited to learn more about how to guide students towards getting a better understanding of this genre of music. I haven't had …

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Music Education Week 2010 Recaps: General Music K-12 Technology 

On Monday, June 28, 2010 I attended the last three sessions of the General Music K-12 Technology Academy. I was looking forward to getting to see some interesting uses for technology in the music classroom, especially when technology was used to facilitate the teaching of music and not to overpower it.

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Conferences, Professional Development, and Dr. Jim Frankel 

As previously mentioned on our blog, Brigid Moran and I recently returned from MENC's Music Education Week 2010 in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area. We were aided in our live-blogging efforts by Dr. Jim Frankel, Teachers College professor, and Andrew Ritenour and Andy Zweibel from

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Gender Associations & Discrepancies: What’s A Teacher To Do? 

In May I went to see a concert in a renowned space in one of the biggest cities in the United States that was well-attended by both men and women and featured no female musicians. As a female jazz player, I was incredibly disheartened to see that there were no women whatsoever in the Lincoln …

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On Athleticism & Musicianship 

I have been wondering for some time about whether musicianship and athleticism (and, by extrapolation, identifying oneself as musical/a musician or athletic/an athlete) are actually all that separate from each other. There’s so much in pop culture (e.g., Glee, where jocks slushie the glee clubbers… and pop culture does take its cues from real life …

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CloudCourse versus Blackboard and Moodle 

Just a heads up to pre- and in-service teachers: Google has released CloudCourse, an opensource platform that seems to be something that can compete with BlackBoard and Moodle hopefully in the near future

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